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Second Battle of Crafter's Village
Date August 2012
Outcome *Pyrrich Player-Villager victory
  • Monsters held back
  • About 2/3 of combatant monsters killed
Conflict Villager-Monster War
Belligerent 1 *Crafter's Village
Belligerent 2 *Erebus' Monsters
Belligerent 1 Commanders *Leader of Force Gameknight999
Belligerent 2 Commanders *Leader of Force Erebus
  • Several Enderman Generals
Belligerent 1 Strength *2 Players
Belligerent 2 Strength *1 King of the Endermen
  • Several Endermen Generals
  • Hundreds of Monsters

"Infantry,focus on the skeletons!" — Gameknight999,to his villager soldiers

The Second Battle of Crafter's Village was a long and deadly battle between the Villagers and Monsters,the villagers and players had won the battle with minimal losses with the monsters suffering a heavy loss.