Below is a table that shows the various Monster factions.

Faction Name Leader Name Type Dissolution Members
Erebus' Monsters Erebus Overworld monsters Destruction of the Alamo,Attack on the Prisoners(absorbed),Battle of the Source (final dissolution)
Malacoda's Monsters Malacoda Nether Monsters Attack on the Prisoners (reorganized)
Erebus-Malacoda Monsters Malacoda Nether and Overworld Monsters Erebus' Rebellion
Shadow-Crafters Herobrine *Shadow Crafters  ?
  • Zombiebrine
  • Blazebrine
  • Creeperbrine
  • at least 38 other Shadow-Crafters (the math used to do this was based on the "items in Minecraft that are in darkness" as each shadow crafter represents one)
Shadow Crafter-Malacoda Agreement Herobrine,Malacoda and Zombiebrine Shadow Crafters,Nether and Overworld monsters Malacoda's part was dissolved thus dissolving the entire agreement and leaving the Shadow Crafters still alive
  • Many Shadow Crafters
Shadow-Crafters (post-Malacoda dissoulution) Herobrine  ?
  • Many Shadow Crafters
Zombie Town Xa-Tin,Herobrine,Xa-Tul Zombies  ?

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